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Man killed in Tezpur for Rs. 10

Posted On :: Thursday 12th January 2017
By: GPlus News

 A man was bludgeoned to death in a drunken brawl, because of his failure to repay Rs 10 to the murderer.

Lurku Saura, the victim of this brutal crime was a resident of Harchura Tea Estate in Balipara, Sonitpur district (Tezpur). The murderer is Suku Saura, a resident of Balipara and both the victim and the murderes are Adivasis (tea tribe). The police arrested Suku Saura and produced him in a court which put him in judicial custody.

The police have blamed liquor and a drunken brawl for the incident.

 “Suku Saura had lent Rs.150 to Lurku Saura sometime back. Around 9 pm yesterday (Tuesday), the duo picked up a quarrel in a drunken state after Lurku returned Rs.140 instead of Rs.150 he had borrowed. During the altercation, Suku attacked Lurku with a bamboo club, inflicting grievous injuries. Both were drunk,” the police said.

The victim was rushed to a hospital where he succumbed to his injuries on Wednesday morning.

 (Representative image: ibtimes)

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